Unist’ot’en Press Conference following Blockades Training

Press Conference2
Indigenous Nations and allies of BC unite to say No Pipelines!

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This weekend, Christy Clark’s worst nightmare converged on unceded Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver. After her surprise election, won on promises of a natural gas and resource extraction bonanza, her political future is staked to her claims of 100,000 jobs and $100 billion in royalties. Not factored into these calculations is that any resource extraction from pipelines, logging, mining, to fracking fields in the north-east and LNG plants on the coast would have to pass through unceded Indigenous territory and so, would require the free, prior and informed consent of the hereditary leadership of those lands. Consent they do not have and will not receive. Continue reading


Amazing Food A huge THANK YOU to the many volunteers and community organizations who helped with organizing food, childcare, billeting and all the many details needed to make this past weekend possible.

THANK YOU also to all the speakers, facilitators and participants for adding your voices as we work together to create a foundation of resistance.

Kanahus Pelkey Speaks at Land Defense: A Feast for the Frontlines

Ancestral Pride Speaks at Land Defense: A Feast for the Frontlines

Toghestiy and Freda Huson Speak at Land Defense: A Feast for the Frontlines

Skill-Up then Step-Up

Below is the statement that Rising Tide Vancouver Coast Salish Territories collectively created and placed at the start of the No Pipelines Blockades Training program.

We stand at a critical moment, in a pivotal place. Under the guise of creating jobs and bolstering the economy, corporations are destroying Indigenous land and exploiting communities for profit while our so-called ‘leaders’ cheer them on. Big Oil and King Coal push to expand fossil fuel extraction, blindly accelerating towards climate catastrophe. Here in the Pacific Northwest, destruction and displacement abound as proposed pipelines, coal ports, and fracking wells cut and carve through the land.

Despite years of opposition, shovels are about to break ground. If inaction is complicity, now is the time to skill-up, step-up and take to the streets. Continue reading

Training – Anti-colonial and Anti-Oppression Statement

No Pipelines - Action We acknowledge we are gathering this weekend, on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people including the x?m??kw?y??m (Musqueam), Sk?wx?wu?7mesh (Squamish), and S?l?i?lw?ta?/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations Our words and actions will reflect our awareness and appreciation that this is occupied land and confront the marginalization and oppression that indigenous people and people of colour face on a daily basis. We commit to rejecting all manifestations of marginalization and discrimination, including, but not limited to patriarchy, racism and white supremacy, classism, disableism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia.

Safer Space and Accessibility

All attendees, therefore, will strive to not replicate the systems of oppression, which big coal, oil & gas use to divide and rule, as we come together to create a better world. Continue reading